Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to our FAQ’s page where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Can 4 Season Portable Buildings construct a building on site?
No, all of our buildings are delivered fully assembled to your site.  By building our products in a manufacturing environment, we are able to better control our costs and deliver a very high quality, durable building at an affordable price.
Can buildings be customized beyond the standard options that are offered?
As a general rule, most of our customization takes the form of our standard options.  However, if you have a request that cannot be addressed with our available options, we encourage you to call us with those specifications.  We can discuss the request with our builders and see if the modification is feasible and cost effective.
What do I have to do to for site prep?

4 Season Portable Buildings suggests a base of crushed stone under the shed. This can be done by the customer or we can have it done for you. Cost will depend on size and the levelness of the site.

Can a building be installed in an area where it is not possible for the truck and trailer combination to get close to the site?
Yes, with advance notice, the installer can unload the building from the trailer and maneuver it onto the site with specialized equipment.  The installer will discuss your specific needs when the delivery is scheduled.
What are the delivery charges?

The first 30-miles from one of our location sites is free. Any one-way miles beyond the 30-mile radius from 4SPB stores where you purchased the building will be charged at a rate of $3.00 per mile.

Can I handle my own delivery if I have the equipment to move a building?
No. Due to liability issues, this is not an option.
Can a building be moved once it has been installed?
Yes. Simply submit a Move Quote Request here and a Customer Service Representative will contact you to discuss your request and provide a quote.
Is my security deposit on a Rent-To-Own building refundable?
You will receive credit for a security deposit you paid at the beginning of your building rental contract if you pay the balance due on that contract any time during or at the end of the 36, 48 or 60 month term that was signed. If you forfeit the building due to non-payment or request that it be picked up before the end of the contract term, the security deposit will be applied to help offset the cost of retrieval and will not be returned to you.
Does putting a shed on my property raise my taxes?

Sheds are movable structures and not permanent so therefore are not usually added to your property value. You will be required to pay sales tax on the purchase but the shed should not add anything to your yearly tax debt.

What type of building foundation is required?
All that is required is a reasonably flat (as opposed to level) area to place the building.  We will level the building to the existing terrain [at one end] up to 4”.  We do not need any additional foundation work such as gravel or concrete.  We can certainly place the buildings on these foundations; however, they are not required for a sound and durable installation.  In addition, we supply enough wood block to level the building up to 4”.  If the site requires the building to be raised more than 4” or if you simply wish for the building to be set higher, you will need to supply 4”x8”x16” solid concrete blocks for this purpose.  In addition, you may supply 2”x8”x16” or 2”x16”x16” solid concrete blocks to place under the building runners to maximize the footprint and minimize any settling that may occur.  The safe placement of the wood and/or concrete leveling blocks is at the sole discretion of the installer.


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